We are focused on being the construction management company of choice for sophisticated clients.

We take the big ideas of clients and creative rendering of architects, then turn these into reality. We form strong partnerships with project management teams, augmenting our offering with modern IT systems to support shared construction processes, which ensure all targets are met. Our communication and planning processes are established to ensure there is complete transparency, we don’t like surprises.

At Kemp Construction, we know what we are good at and understand our limitations. We only take on projects where we have complete confidence in our ability to deliver the desired outcome.


Our Services Include:

  • Build Ability Analysis: We partner with the clients Architects and Project Managers to drive “transparency for a successful outcome”, examining the construction proposals and analysing where there are potential alternatives that may offer further benifits.
  • Construction Creation: We manage and build commercial projects, renovations and interiors.
  • Stakeholder Management: We undertake our work with the least disruption as possible to all parties involved. We consider and manage stakeholder impact throughout the project.

We view all challenges as opportunities to provide solutions, resulting in positive, memorable customer experiences.


Services supported by past jobs:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Multi-Storey
  • Medical facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Office Facilities
  • Equipment systems installation
  • Commercial Renovation
  • Future proofing for high technology environments
  • New floors within exisiting structures
  • Gutting and rebuilding
  • Sustainable building practices
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Trouble shooting
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Refitting offices
  • Partitioning
  • Large Residential
  • High finish construction
  • Heritage building
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